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1.Service regarding rubble removal can definitely be recommended through Brink Skips. We are making use of the company for rubble removal and always received timeous response with pickups and invoicing. Kobus Hattingh

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2. Before we employed the services of Brink Skips, all the refuse from the La Perla Housing Complex was left oustide the main entrance of the Complex. This was an eyesore. The situation was exacerbated by the poor delivery service from the local municipality. It was not unusual for refuse to be left at the entrance for almost a week due to the unavailability of the pick up trucks. Bags were opened by people looking for recyclable items. The unsightly mess, compounded by disgusting smells and th presence of flies had a negative impact on th value of the estate as well as for tourists visiting the neighbouring Riverside Hotel.

A few years ago we employed the services of Brink Skips. There was an immediate and dramatic improvement to the complex. The skips were placed within the complex. This eliminated the problem of “scavengers”. Empty skips were placed on-site on Monday mornings and the full skips were removed promptly the following morning. In all the time that this service has been in place, the Directors did not have a single incident where they had to contact Brink Skips to complain about the service. The cost of the service is affordable, especially when it is spread across a number of residents.

Brink Skips have provided exceptional service and is willing to make improvements to their service offerings for the benefit of their clients.

See examples below:


Notice the black rubber strips under the skip. These were provided so that the paving was not damaged when the skips are loaded onto the vehicle. After removal of the skips, the Service Provider always cleans the area of any spillage and if necessary the area is disinfected to prevent flies. The vehicles provided by Brink Skips are well maintained and clean. There is the added assurance that they will not spill engine oil onto our premises. We are pleased with the service we get from Brink Skips.

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Servicing the Vaal Triangle since October 2015, Brink Skips is a business that is big enough to deliver but small enough to care.

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